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I didn't intend running them in parallel as they are different manufacturers, different caps etc. so as Jeff says it may cause a problem with hunting with the mismatched metering devices - I don't have txv's to put in.

Ground heat is out where I live - dig down 10cm and you hit solid rock.

The evaporator is already positioned in a sun trap so I'm getting about as much boost as I'm going to get without moving the machine to one of the south facing walls - and I already have a machine mounted there used for heating the dhw.

The idea I had forming in my head was to bolt the units together, one on top of the other then feed the output at the top of one evap to the input at the bottom of the second. The top of this then feeds back down to the compressor. A fairly simple plumbing job.

I can wire the fans in parallel so they both run when the unit is on.

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