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Originally Posted by Acuario View Post connecting them in series - I didn't intend to use 2 x metering devices or running 2 evaporators in parallel, just more evaporator if you see what I'm thinking...

As far as I can tell, most of the manufactured units are not optimized for maximum efficiency, but rather are optimized for maximum profit to the manufacturer, so there are certainly efficiency gains to be made by an experimenter.

I think that your idea is worth trying, but why you would shy away from running them in parallel, with duplicate metering devices? I see this done all the time in single evaporator units... how would the principle be any different with two separate evaporators?

If you are seeking more heat from your evaporator, is there any chance that utilizing heat from the ground will work for you?

If your soil is easily drillable, there is a lot of heat to be had there.

Also, if you could direct sun-warmed air through your evaporator, it could be even more valuable to you than a bigger evaporator.


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