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There is a German company that sells solar kit that has a dual tank with twin heat exchangers. The idea is the solar panels can heat the water or, when there is no sun it can be heated by a more conventional source (boiler of some sort).

The tank is split into two, a smaller tank at the top (around 150-200 litres if I remember) that is enamel coated and used for domestic hot water, and a larger tank underneath (800 litres or so) that is heated by the two heat exchangers and is used for heating the house.

DHW and heating water obviously need to be separated from each other.

My system is a hybrid as it uses the same heat exchanger coil in the tank, the heat source being determined by the 3-way valve.

A project I have pending is a hybrid heating system using solar panels, heat pump and 2 hot water storage tanks. I'm just finalising the design.

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