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Default Heat pump water heater during the winter

Hi all!

I have a heat pump water heater in the basement and absolutely love. Had it for about 5 years. Obviously I want to keep it in heat pump mode as that uses the least amount of electricity. In the summer it has the added benefit of cooling and dehumidifying the basement. A win win.

However, my question is what to do during the winter. Should I keep it in heat pump mode, or electric resistance? Heat pump mode will use less energy to heat the water, but also takeup heat from the basement that then theoretically needs to be replaced by my furnace.

I know there's a lot of factors to consider. We do heat the basement somewhat, but not much. I have three vents open down there just to keep the air moving and keep it from getting too cold. We have heat pumps for our main furnace.

Any thoughts?


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