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Default Lucite Downlight...

Another LED light I'm considering has a cylindrical screw-on dome that gives the light an interesting design quaility, and strongly affects the dispersal pattern.

Here is a front & back view...

The light assembly requires a hole of about 1 3/8" in diameter. Spring clips will hold the bulb against the ceiling.

Here is a view with the dome detached...

The lucite is about 1.8" diameter and has a height of about 3/4".

This shot illustrates very wide dispersion pattern...

Of the bulbs I have checked out, this one has the widest dispersion pattern. The lucite has a 'light-pipe' quality and side dispersion is as strong as wide downward dispersion.

Here is a shot to show light assembly appearance...

Seeing this light in opperation really makes me realize just how much directivity is part of the LED light effect we expect. In this case, there is essentially no directional directivity, and more bulbs are required to achieve a useful lumen level.

This light definitely has a 'warm' look but in use, I didn't notice objectionable yellowness.

These LED lights come with a regulated LED power supply that will work with power from 110 to 220 VAC.



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