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I always use either copper with armafex insulation or the insulated flexi stainless steel. If you drop the flow rate, you can drop the tubing size from 1" to 3/4" without any drop in performance. You will lose a lot of electrical energy trying to run a 26-120 or a 0011 verses a DC pump or a variable speed AC of the correct size.

The more efficient the panel, the faster you will need to move the glycol to get the heat out. Your panels are probably not as efficient as a new german panel or the Heliodyne which is the same absorber as many of the german ones so i wouldn't be as concerned about maxing out on the flow rate. My info comes from Viessmann and from a number of textbooks I have from Europe and while the numbers are not that different, many manufacturers have a different idea about pumping. Some like higher temps and lower flows, others do not. We have 2 manufacturers here that do "microflow" systems which use 3/8" tubing and a high head pump (T-D is one of those) and T-D has a very high output for their packaged system.

I would use at most a UPS26-99 but the wattage makes it hard for variable speed controls which are often limited to 1A. Try the numbers with a UPS15-58 or a Wilo Star21. These are used in a lot of European pump stations. Gotta get to work, i'm late
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