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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
My parents sized their battery bank to only be discharged to 20% DOD and are planing for it to last 20+ years, 14 years in and everything seems good so far, every once in a while they drop down to 30% or even 40%, so at 40% they used twice what they planed... if you plan to discharge to 50% you don't have that wiggle room for a bad week of no sun or wind and no back ups, like after an ice storm where you can't get the generator fired up, power lines to their grid tied system are down, blades on the wind turbine are iced up and it's not sunny to melt the ice of anything, at that point it's nice to have the fan on the furnace work to keep the house warm.
Hi Ryland

Can you tell me what the size was of the System, and what power was consumed each day as w/h/d as a Comparison.
LED Lighting is so interesting as a Low Power alternative to what we all grew up with, and I like to see what people think and say about it all.
I am being shocked by looking at the Solar Forums where it seems most people are only interested in Solar as a means of investment. If only they realized that renting the space above the roof is not what this is only about.
They repeatedly mention investment returns as being oversold scam ... etc.

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