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Default a great use for a 100W solar panel

I recently got a 100W solar panel and among other things, it powers my cryptocurrency mining cluster. It's a rather small cluster consisting of a few cheap smartphones, two old tablets, and a small ASIC board that altogether use about 16W or so, but it still makes a decent profit. There's a 12.8V, 82Ah LiFePO4 battery pack for energy storage/backup power, and the DC/DC converter in my PC makes use of whatever power is left over.

One of my (online) friends has mastered the art of combining art and electronics, as well as hosting an awesome TV show to show it all off. Needless to say, that makes people jealous and a few have resorted to hate to make themselves feel better. I have to admit that I'm one of the jealous, but I reacted by becoming friends.
Meet Naomi Wu, Target of an American Tech Bro Witchhunt
In light of the situation, the mining profit would mean more to my friend than it does to me. The solution is obvious - redirect the miners. Sadly, only some of the coins readily convert into a form that my friend can easily use, but the thought is what counts. It also helps solve two of my problems related to mining - the ever growing pile of electronic parts (ever since I got into mining over 2 years ago) and the perception that I'm driving up mining difficulty purely for my own profit.

To my surprise, shortly after Naomi Wu gave me a bit of fame for making good use of solar power, Allie Moore got really jealous of her...
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