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AC, yeah I was wondering about the head of the system. But I've seen buildings that are more than 50 feet high with the site handler on the to floor. I wonder if they are special compressor or over sized to make the climb. I plan to research more about the max head pressure of different compressors and their ability to keep lubricate moving. But it does look like a manifold style system is most common. Even if not at the eaters edge I can go crazy deep 6+ feet and not have much temputure fluxuation.
I have thought of doing it with hdpe and pumps. I just really don't want the extra power cost and the freeze potincial. But as I'm probably looking at over 2 grand for copper it might just be the best option. And doing it in a small pump House would be a great idea.
Yes propane in the set up would all be down hill but still a large risk. In willing to get it charged by a local guy that uses the new stuff called MO99. Seems to work better than R22 but acts more like propane in that in lowers head pressure.
Thanks for your thoughts AC!
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