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My 4.4kW system:

September 2018 = 491kWh
September 2017 = 360kWh <--- and one hurricane Irma
September 2016 = 433kWh
September 2015 = 423kWh
September 2014 = 446kWh
September 2013 = 452kWh

The week of Irma in 2017, my production was down by 70-80kWh, because I switched off the disconnect to the solar array, and didn't switch the array back on until the grid was substantially repaired and stable.

My 2018 numbers are actually higher than I expected, since I had one inverter not doing a thing for the last few months. I finally got around to swapping that one out, and the solar array just keeps working.

Just a note: 5 years seems to be the life expectancy for a black plastic zip-tie shaded by solar panels on a roof top array in South Florida. I'm thankful my trunk cable is attached to the racking with metal zip-ties (wrapped in shrink tube). The plastic zip-ties were only used to hold the cables between the panels and inverters up and off my stone coated metal roof. I'll have to buy a new batch and spend a morning on the roof this winter replacing them.
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