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OK, so what exactly am I seeing?

SVOboy used 8 (kWh? therms?) on June 17 2010?
And Daox used 8 on January 1 2010, then 0 until June 1 2010, after that 8 between June 1 and October 1 2010? Then it goes back to April 1 2010?

How is this going to be displayed? Will it be a bar graph like in EM's fuel log, and will it be accessable from a member's profile and/or a link under his avatar? Or will everyone's data be grouped together in a dedicated section?

I want to help out so I'll my data in as soon as I find and convert it. How often should I enter data? Every month, every day, 2-4 times a year? Will everyone's data get converted to something that's easily comparable, for example kWh per day? That way when I look at a list of numbers I'm not comparing Daox's total for 2 months with my total for 2 weeks.
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