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Default Plants can be hard to kill!

I have been a bit busy lately to post any updates. Any ways, I grew a lot from seed. 5 different varieties of tomatoes, squash, herbs, peppers, and, later, sun flowers. April was warming up quite nice. Things were starting to bloom. I planted all my seedlings in the garden on April 27th. Disaster struck! We had a freeze on April 29th!

Here are the results the next afternoon:

Tomato Plant

Squash Plants:

12 Tomato plants and 9 squash plants all looked like that. Well, you can imagine how upset I was. I had a few leftover seedlings still in pots (3 tomatoes and 3 squash) so I replaced the worse plants with the still good seedlings. It turns out all the plants that froze all came back! Here are some pictures of the garden today:

The entire garden.

Those Tomato cages are about 5'6" tall (the width of remesh).

The squash is roaring to life even though 70% of the plants froze!

Mammoth Sunflowers are growing quite nicely.
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