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Originally Posted by robertsmall View Post
Wow!!! A great project. I would like to do one with my family too...
Congrats on Alexander and Hope he is doing well.
Unfortunately, my garden was pretty much a disaster this year. The cardboard with wood-chips was a massive fail as a weed barrier this year! Besides bush beans and cucumbers, most everything struggled or failed to produce (especially the tomatoes). It is quite possible I dumped way too much wood chips in the garden, causing it to be way too low on Nitrogen (a guess). I am not really sure what happened, but I do plan on getting the soil professionally tested (Auburn University).

On the plus side though, the previous owners of the house had blackberries which I have been caring for and encouraging them to spread for the past few years since we have owned the house. This year we picked about 1 1/4 gal of blackberries, not including the ones we ate straight off the canes, which is our biggest harvest yet!
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