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Sorry for the lack of updates. The garden is going great! I have been busy just harvesting veggies (squash, peppers, cucumbers, and some green beans).

It appears some of my planting strategies are working out reasonably well. I purposely planted green beans around my cucumbers as a companion plant AND as a potential sacrificial plant. It seemed to work. My green beans have been decimated by grass hoppers and aphids but nothing has touched my cucumbers (aside from mice).

I am having mice problems right now. I got two over the weekend with snap traps and put 6 out last night. Oddly enough, two traps were completely missing this morning! I am going to try to look for them a bit better later tonight but I have a suspicion that a larger animal may have dragged the dead mice away, with the trap hanging along.

I started canning some of the veggies for both enjoyment and playing with long-term storage.

I still have a lot of veggies that need to be cooked/eaten/canned.

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