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I'll keep in mind that I can get it cheaper via ebay. I remember a higher price for the stuff that turned me off from it. My intention was for when I go camping and am packing light for a purpose, such as backpacking or destination camping with an airplane where weight really counts. Usually in those cases, water is a substantial weight, along with a bike or other adventure equipment might be desired.

Is this stuff normally consumed cold?
Reason I ask is most lightweight camping foods that don't require refrigeration/ice usually involve heating, such as canned soup/ravioli/spaghetti-meatball(heavier stuff but no added water needed), ramen/pasta, or expensive stuff like the dehydrated meal-in-bag. I'd prefer to have options that don't rot when I camp and don't require heating. Especially when I'm camping with a backpacking stove unsheilded from wind, I've gone a day without eating once while camping because the stove wouldn't stay lit and I wasn't about to cook inside a tent.
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