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We plan to take it on road trips to charge the laptop, cell phone and anything else we need.

But the main use will be for those little power shortages we get now and then.
No NStar juice for a couple of hours and we want to run a little TV or some CFLs..

I've been working on a solar tracker project for a while and at the same time looking
at the falling prices of PV panels. I'm thinking the prices might get even lower by
this time next year.
So, I'm thinking of just running a simple 100 to 200 watt PV array on the tracker
and use it for a back-up 12V supply and maybe find a nice place to dump the over-flow.
Maybe like this:

And if the tracker works well and provides good output,
maybe look at a 1 to 2 kw ground mounted PV array in the back yard.
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