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Default Nearing the end of major remodeling

Well I'm getting near the end of all the work I need to do in the attic. I had to move walls run wire run vent pipes etc etc. And It's finally coming closer to an end. Well at least close enough that I can start looking forward to insulating the attic properly.

I didn't want to insulate the attic then fight all that insulation to get work done so the HVAC will end up being oversized once everything is done. With the virtually no insulation up there (4" of 1960 rock wool) the manual J showed I needed a 3.5 ton unit and whatever the furnace size ended up as(AC size is the primary factor here)

Now once I am able to get a nice thick layer of insulation up there I will be down to a 2.5 ton unit. I can't wait for a more comfortable house and a quieter AC unit. Upflow gas heat units are not the quietest things around since there is nothing between the blower and the return grills to stop the sound.

I will be either buying 30 bags of fiberglass blow in or 100 bags of cellulose. Unfortunately we have no Menards here so insulation is more expensive here and it's cheaper to buy more than I need than exactly what I need. And I can just pile the crap out of it...

The plan is to take the old unit and put it in the shop. It's an insulated 20x40 but will be 20x58 soon. Right now a 2 ton unit isn't enough to cool the shop when it's over 95*. Unfortunately I don't have a gas line out there yet so not sure what I will do for that yet. AC is more important than heating in the shop.

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