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Originally Posted by Aircommuter View Post
I noticed 2 things, Home Depot sells that dryer for$697.00, and it is discontinued.
I have the Miele set and the drier uses a 15a 120v circuit. The secret to having low heat driers goes back to the fifties. The washer need to have a high spin speed so the drier has less work to do. The Miele washer has a 1400 rpm drum speed. My old set was is 25 years old and it wasn’t heat pump, the washer had a max 1200 rpm the dryer was 240v 15a still far less than others at the time.
My daughter is still using the old set and loves them. Never been worked on.
That 697 was most likely the final clearance price to get rid of the purple and pink units. I see the new model on the floor once in a while, priced about double that.
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