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Originally Posted by greif View Post
Who would have ever thought 12 degrees is cause to celebrate?

I'm running out of room to push snow, I start at banning of season by pushing it back about 30 ft back on the lawn and now I'm back up to the driveway...... so 30 ft of 4 ft deep piles yuck

Not me.. I figured that Global Warming would make this old Texan happy.. Nope.

We've been able to clear back the new storms each time. Plus we've had
some melting. Only 1-2 feet on the northside roofs. 1-3 feet in the front yard.
But I think the pileup is about 88% heavy ice.
We have to think of each snow fall an emergency clean up job.
Because, if we don't get on it right away, it could stay there until late April..

We've had much deeper snow before, but this time, trying to get over all the,
Ski Mogul bumps, and sinking down way over my old knees, makes me wish
those solar panels were closer to the house.
(Clean panels=Free Hot H2O)..

Well, the crap is falling again.. NWS Enhanced Radar Mosaic: Northeast Sector Loop
Looks like another day of snow..
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