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Ok so I decided to post in this thread as not to pollute the other, newer version thread.

I've recently been tinkering with more phase change monsters and have decided to have another go at the custom built interface. Nobody seemed to like the Arduino uno or nano modules, due to the limited functionality. Since these esp boards are super affordable, they look acceptable to me. The two main choices for the project look to be the esp8266 and the esp32 modules. I like the esp32 better, due to the more robust gpio and onboard flash memory. Double the price, but we're talking about 10 versus 20 dollars here. I believe the extra gimmicks are sufficient to satisfy the desires of a lot more tinkerers.

I could get by with the 8266 and a few extra expansions, but with the 32, it would only need "muscle" controls, with many options available for sensing and communication built-in. The 3.3 volt logic levels are no big deal, since there are so many compatible expansion modules available.

So here's the part where I respectfully beg for information. I'll take whatever you have to share. Since what you're using obviously works, I'd love to pilfer through source code and see how it ticks. I promise I won't break it and post up a bunch of stuff that doesn't work well.

With the uno, the code had to be small and simple to conserve resources. Not a lot of people could follow the kiss method or understand some things I did to keep it small. Communication with the outside world was a point of contention as well. Flashy lights vs 7 segment vs what have you, everyone had different desires. With WiFi and i2c interfaces onboard, as well as a gaggle of spare output pins available, someone could plausibly go their own way and not have to redo the core functionality.
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