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Default Best price ever.

After searching CL for a couple years I finally found the deal that hit my price criteria. They don't get much less expensive than this. Bought 10 JinKo solar 310 watt panels for $500. So 3100 watts. Originally he was asking $75/panel and I just decided to throw out what I considered a nonsense number. Could not believe it when he said yes. They are a couple years old but almost unused as they were originally intended for a large solar installation. They all had minor flaws. Mostly cosmetic but a couple panels have scraped surfaces that I think should buff out easily. Apparently they were headed to the trash bin and the guy I got them from saved them from death.

Now the problem. I hadn't planned on doing anything with solar electric until next year as I'm working on solar heat this year. Don't really want to connect up to the local utility in the near future so I think the next step will be to start searching for either a Leaf or Volt battery pack to tear down. I plan on building a couple electric velomobiles over the next year so I can use the panels to charge the battery packs for the velos. I do have 1kwh of LifePo4's laying around right now so I could just turn those into a couple 500 whr packs also. Sorry for the rambling. You probably won't see much else from me in this post for a while as I already have too much on my plate. Just excited to share the price level on the panels.

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