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Default Wow!

Well, i had been sitting here looking at this $6 ESP8266 i ordered and wondered if i would live long enough to be able to learn to get it to report temps over wifi to the web and controll my geo h/w heater build - and you've already finished it - great work guy!
There is also a esp based bpard for about $10 that has expansions with relays to report temp and humidity logging and control of pumps etc thru the relays but they are i think relays that need to be constantly powered on ie not tripped.
Google "Sonoff" they are all over the web.
I wonder how this stacks up against Xringers X10RF web control??
If you get a chance, when you finish, a detailed (read handholding) description of how you hooked it up and programmed it would be a huge boost to those of us who didn't grow up with this stuff!
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