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I love what you have done and how you are improving on everything. Not only from an efficiency standpoint, but also an aesthetic and rugged nature to everything. This is how great products come into existence.

Keep in mind how modern refrigeration condensers are built. For the actively air-cooled type, being compact isn't much of a problem. For the passively cooled designs, however, there must be lots and lots of surface area. The more surface area, the cooler the high side will reach equilibrium. Most of the manufacturers have designed their passive condensers to be able to digest the entire heat load at a certain topout temperature, just in case junior opens the door and the thing tries to cool the world all day long. As a result, duty cycle is maxed out, and the balance point is optimized for a hot garage in summertime. At "normal" operating parameters, the sizing is well into diminishing returns territory.

Man, that hyperboloid form looks marvelous. I would be tempted to run that frame as a condenser, without the coils around it. All the parallel flowing spokes should act as chimneys. It begs for something to be woven between the spokes for performance and visual appeal. Unique, for sure.

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