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Originally Posted by hamsterpower View Post
...My biggest problem is with the percentages based on the unusual shape of the house. This theoretical house is square, one story, and large, at 2422SF. This makes the floor and ceiling very large compared to the walls. My rectangle ranch style house has much more SF of walls than floor or ceiling.
Yeah, the geometry of the building shape is very important. That is one of the things that really fascinates me about the spreadsheet tool, that is the gold-standard tool for Passive House design. The tool is called the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP for short) and it is a very comprehensive model which includes the effects that house geometry will have on the total heat loss, and consequently the required insulation to meet Passive House standards.

Description of the latest PHPP is available HERE

A 'limited functionality' version is available for free HERE.

The full-boat version is 160 EUR, available HERE.

Other relevant links of interest available HERE

But, getting back to the essay, and the different geometry of your house, compared to the model in the essay, are you able to adapt his rationale to your house and come up with working percentages that apply to your particular house geometry?


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