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Default This Thermal House - the Basics of EcoRenovation

In the time that I have been active at EcoRenovator, I have noticed that knowledge of the basic physics involved in heat loss and heat gain is not universally understood here. For instance, the notion that 'heat rises' when in fact it is hot air that rises, while heat travels in all directions. This and other examples of partial understanding can lead not only to renovations that are not as effective as we expected, but also to expensive errors and oversights.

I came across this very useful, short and succinct article called, This Thermal House which explains the physics involved in heat loss & gain.

The article begins:

If you want to make your house more efficient at repelling the unpleasantness outdoors (whether hot or cold), what should you do first? Insulate the walls? Insulate the ceiling? The roof? Better windows? Draft elimination? What has the biggest effect? ... I at least do understand heat transfer from a physics/engineering perspective, and can walk through some insightful calculations. So let’s build a fantasy house and evaluate thermal tradeoffs at 1234 Theoretical Lane.
I think , This Thermal House can make a valuable contribution to our basic understanding, and hopefully, the effectiveness of our action.



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