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I am glad to hear a positive story. I used to work at cruise as a self driving test driver. They used the Chevy volt. When you are training they have you work emergency stop techniques.The bolt looks like a mild mannered soccer mom car but it can get up and go with the best of them.

Funny you mentioned the seats, they were everyone's complaint at cruise.

After spending 8 hours a day in one for a year, I recommended one to a friend that wanted who had put a deposit down on a Tesla. He was a victim of hype and leased a prius for year while he waited. The tesla is great, but he has had it in the shop many times. And he could of had a bolt while waiting, he just didn't think it was cool enough.

I love hearing good stories about the bolt, and I am sure I will have one when finances allow. Thanks for the update.
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