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After you change the settings, it takes "24 hours" before you see any change..
The problem is still there as of right now. It's 42F, when it should be down around 35 to 38F.
If it's still staying in the low 40s tomorrow noon (after it's 9:45AM defrost),
I'm going to wondering if it's not just the timer, but the thermostat too..

It's 42F right now, and the compressor is on break.. It will start up later,
I think at around 44F.. I have to check the min-max reading..
It seems like something is bent, keeping it from getting down into the 30s..

These parts aren't cheap.. WHIRLPOOL REFRIGERATOR THERMOSTAT PART# WR9X517 | eBay

Maybe some insulation around the old t-stat, to make it cool down slower..

I'm going to close off the vent that controls the freezer temp,
(back where it used to be set) to make it colder up there..
That will make the compressor run longer, perhaps it will somehow become colder down in the lower compartment..?.
Having that vent wide open, might be causing the air in the fresh-food area to cool too fast, shutting down the t-stat too early.
I've cleared the max-min readings and will keep a close eye on it, to see if it can achieve some new lows.
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