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Default Not crazy about working on this stuff!

Not the big Ice mass I expected.. Very little frost.. Used a heat gun on it (up to 70F)
and got about a teaspoon of water in the lower pan..
The heater coil looks okay on the Ohm meter.
I'll see if there is any problem with it in a while, after things cool down, I'll do another manual defrost..
I'll have the Kill-a-Watt on it, to see how much power for how long..
Since there is no frozen food in there, it's cooling down fast..

Later on that day:
It got down to about 25F and I set the defrost mode manually.
It ran at 408w to 420w for until the sensor opened after 13 minutes..
The compressor did NOT come back on, so it wasn't the timer that turned off the heater..
Again, I've advanced the timer to run mode and the freezer is re-cooling..
Putting the food back for now.

Should that manual timer advance 'screw' head slowly rotate as the timer motor runs?

I left it parked in a known position.. Trying to see if it rotates any..
I'm pretty sure it's dead.. But, I want to be sure before ordering a new one..

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