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Default hi, im designing a wind turbine

Hi, Im going to be moving to Fairbanks Alaska in about 18 months, going to be buying me a piece of land and build a house on it, but for power i wanted wind turbine, ive been designing a turbine on paper at least that i want to build, never buildt one before but its the kind of stuff i enjoy doing. anyway, for my wind turbine i have a few issues im trying to work out (id like to work out a good theory and design before building, since ill be building it on site when i get there, with no grid. luckily i can live with low power tho id like to eventually get 10 kw - 20kw which should be plenty for my home. can even be achieved with multiple turbines

well heres the issues ive been trying to solve.

1. how much average wind speed is there even in fairbanks alaska
2. im working out a verticle design, tho what would be more efficient and cost effective, verticle or a more normal WT
3. braking system, is there a motor that doesnt need a braking system, is the braking system buildt into the motor or am i going to have to build the braking system myself? and how does the braking system fully work on a WT
4. so the math part, dont know the equations, for either a verticle or normal WT with either a 10 or 20 kw motor or 4 times 5 kw motor wind turbines, how big would the fins need to be to properly produce electricity. (and height, how high would the wind mill need to be)
5. are there any zoning restrictions for the height of a windmill in fairbanks. (ive heard of places that do)

so far those are the things im trying to figure out, thanks in advanced.

Edit. i found a decent comparison of VAWT vs HAWT and it seems a HAWT is a better choice overall, so ill change my original design to a HAWT and will just work from there. the issues still are issues just deciding to go with HAWT

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