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Originally Posted by NiHaoMike View Post
Don't bother, ice storage ends up with a very similar amount of cooling per pound of energy storage medium. Unless you're converting it to a plug in hybrid, that is...
Not sure what you drive but I'm wondering where you keep a ton of ice stored? Thermal storage is amazing for housing, not so much being mobile.

I'm building a ~4kwh lithium battery that goes inside under the back seat of my Jeep. It's going to replace my normal lead starting battery under the hood, as well as giving me extra capacity to run an inverter.

If I already have the battery capacity, I could setup maybe 1 ton of A/C and easily run that from the battery for an hour or more. Either pre-cool before I get in or let it run in a parking lot somewhere. Great if pets/people/groceries need to remain in the vehicle for a little while. Being a heat pump would be even better. The hard part is where to mount it...
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