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Default Bench Testing DIY W/W Heat Pump

Thinking of a way to Bench Test COP of my DIY W/W HP.

Also needed for charging refrigerant.

Using garden hoses, not pumps!!!

Set & measure water flow rates through Evaporator & Condenser. say 6gpm
Use 5gal bucket method.

Temperature rise (delta-T*F) of Condenser water in/out can be measured.

BTU = 500 x 6 (GPM) x delta-T*F

With Amp meter on Compressor, is this a good way to estimate Watts?
How about a Kill-a-Watt meter?

Calculate COP = Energy out / Energy In

Of course this isn't including the water pumps energy that will be in final product, I think manufactures conveniently don't include this either?

Even better, but more expensive, is to get 2 x 55gal drums & use pumps.

But as actual pump flow rates can't be determined very accurately, the tank temperatures would have to measured & averaged as temperature would vary with location within tank.

I have a nice expensive water flow gauge, but its restriction effects flow some.

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