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Originally Posted by MEMPHIS91 View Post
I think there are some things missing from your last post Jeff.

I was just thinking that the bottom of my borehole is 59F right now. What if I drilled another well even lower and just ran a air-water exchanger? I should be able to make condensate down to about 40% RH with 60F water right? I could do a closed loop system with a very slow flow pump. Insulate the crap out of the pipes and make water!
Just another crazy idea.
What's you indoor air temp?

at 75F (at sea level) to pull water out of the air at 45%RH you need to get the heat exchanger down to about 51F. Which means you need the borehole water to be below that. Because to affect just a RH change if the water coming out of the heat exchanger is above that then we are not removing as much water as we could. If we can get the RH in the dehumidifier up to 70% at 75F then we can use 60F borehole water, with a temperature rise to 65F (at least at sea level).
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