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Originally Posted by MEMPHIS91 View Post
All I really need is about 3 gallons of moisture removed without heating the house as much.
Since you are trying the desiccant idea, and regenerating it with solar energy what you really need is a way to cool it down after it is regenerated, that way you aren't increasing the heat load on your A/C. Since you don't want it adsorbing moisture the after it is regenerated it needs to be sealed from the air. My thought is find a high temp stable plastic bag, or maybe a metal pan with an air tight lid, then keep it outside at night. In essence you would have a three step system. The desiccant adsorbs moisture from the air inside, then you would move it to the solar oven which heats air (decreasing the RH) that is then moved over the desiccant to recharge it, then the desiccant is moved to an airtight container with a large surface area to cool down during the night, after it is cooled it is moved again to inside the house to start the process over.

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