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white vs black curtains, well white curtains would reflect the sun out of your house and likewise material would conduct less heat in your house, whats important is the surface tempurature while the sun hits it, you could paint your window black and it would be 3 or 4 degrees warmer than if it were white providing they were both flat paint, my point is, if you make a concerted effort to put dark pigmented material where the sunlight hits in your home, then it will emmanate more heat by far, i have this one board i painted with that 15 year old black paint I found and it gets 120 degree F in the sun, i have video documentation of this. if it were white, it would be nowhere near that hot

go buy a digital surface thermometer at autozone for 20$ and do some experimenting.

its about the type of paint we are having a good discussion about this at gassavers .org

they linked me here

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