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PSE with heavily subsidizing

Next time you are in SeaTac or in PSE area, and have the time, pickup some $3 each PSE 'instant rebate' 6.5W LED bulbs. You may need to have your bud get them, as usually gone soon as a store gets a stock. Or you could look on the PSE web site to see who has the bulbs just south of border.

Lowes never has them in stock, I had to leave my name at Mclendons in Renton to call when they came in, so bought 20 ea when they did last month.

Hint on the PSE rebate LED 'bulbs'.. rated 450 lumens. I cut the plastic domes off mine, the circle of LEDs is on a flat plane, so if using for overhead lights, the amount of lumens 'jumps' to over 500 with a much more directive downward light and no attenuation of the frosted plastic 'bulb'. In downward facing ceiling sockets, brighter than a 100W bulb with the dome sawed off.

There is one open voltage junction under the plastic bulb, that it is well to put a dab of silicone over.

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