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Default DIY solar array 12.5 kw

I wanted to thank Gary
Designing and Installing a Grid-Tie PV System Designing and Installing a Grid-Tie PV System
and Doug
Doug's New 4.6 KW micro inverter DIY Grid Tied PV Array
Doug's New 4.6 KW micro inverter DIY Grid Tied PV Array
This was such useful information when I was researching solar power.
Well I decided to go with Enphase micro inverters. I donít have shade but I really like the idea if one M215 fails I will be out one panels output and if it takes a month to get a replacement it is now a huge deal. ( I have bought a spare Enphase micro inverters just in case )
I bought 40 CS6P-230P Canadian Solar panels and 40 M215 Enphase micro inverters.
I did a self-install for the 9.2kw system just like the others above did.
I had to upgrade my main load center to a 225 amp panel. The out building I installed on is about 130 feet away from my house so I had to center feed my panels. 10 panels are center feed 5 and 5 all 40 panels are done this way. I also had to run a little larger wire to the sub panel to keep the voltage rise down.
Here is a link to my system

I am still using more power than I am making so I just ordered 10 more panels/ M215 so I hope that will bring me closer to net zero.

It is now 12.5 KW 54 solar panels.
Our best day so far was 04/16/14 92.31 kWh

Update 10/31/2017
Our system is paid off 4 Ĺ years. If you only take into account just power savings no others savings.

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