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As we are on lockdown by the government for the Coronavirus I'm taking advantage to work on the greenhouse.

Here is the ventilation fan (ex evaporator fan from a mini-split) installed and with the external louvered flap grill. Tomorrow I hope to get it properly wired up I'm going to try one for now but I have another one should it be necessary.

I'm going to add the light sensor and a second temperature sensor just below the fan (connected via the junction box) then use that temperature to decide when to start the fan. The other temperature sensor is much lower.

I'm waiting on delivery of the misting sprayers so I can automate the watering. Also waiting for the glass for the windows then I can decide how to connect up the linear motors for opening/closing.

In the picture you can see some of the plants, in the background runner beans, tomatoes and squash, cucumbers and on the right foreground rhubarb. All grown from seed.

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