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The LiFePO4 pack is part of my UPS/solar setup and the smart pack can interconnect via an integrated DC/DC converter. The loads are all DC - direct 12V, 5V via DC/DC converters, or 170V DC via the HVDC UPS. The PMIC in the PC can be programmed to raise or lower the "cut in" voltage, useful for "peak zapping" in combination with programs like Ohmconnect.

The smart pack will have a number of additional features like a built in fast charger, HVDC output, USB charging outputs (including Quick Charge and Type C ports), and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity.

And as they say, "what matters is not what technology can do, but what you can do with it."
To my surprise, shortly after Naomi Wu gave me a bit of fame for making good use of solar power, Allie Moore got really jealous of her...
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