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December 21 the day is sunny and no snow to speak of.!! This can change at a days notice. We are off grid and collecting electrons and heat from the solar hot water collectors. The home is heated with in floor heating and by default will take the solar hot water first and then backup with Geo-Thermal which will come into play when the sun is down and use the electrons we had collected from the PV.

However we are subjected to many days with overcast.!!! during winter.

The wind turbine has been working well however my wind resources have been a little shy.
My Mrs. has raised an eyebrow to the turbine as she likes all quiet when sleep is necessary.

The temporary location is quite close to the house but in a windy conditions you hear more noise in the trees and noises the house makes and none from the turbine. Thats a win!!!!

I will be marking a calendar to wind speeds and dates for production made. The turbine is more of a dynamic anemometer.

Anyway the best of the season


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