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Dennis, can you draw a simple three line sketch of what you are trying to incorporate into the panel in the shed, and also how that shed panel will connect to the house panel?

Sometimes it is easier to find the flaw in what might make a system non-compliant when it is drawn. I think I understand what you are trying to do, but it sounds like it is going to be a challenge.

As I understand it, you have a house where you have a service panel you are replacing with a new one that offers a supplemental generator lockout option. However, your PV system and grid-tie inverter components live in a remote shed. How many feeder wires do you have buried between the shed and the house? Do you have any sub-panels between your meter box and your house service panel?

I ask these questions because from what I understand of what you described, it sounds as if your GVFX needs to sense the grid is alive before it gets into your house panel where you will have the generator lockout. Although I don't consider myself a NEC compliance expert, or grid-tie inverter expert, I'm willing to look at what you propose and see if I can understand the logic behind how it would function and where it might get problematic.

I'll have to see if I can find some other documentation on the GVFX line from Outback. The document I found last night during a cursory look was geared toward programming the stacking abilities of GVFX inverters and wasn't very helpful in wiring diagrams.
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