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Originally Posted by randen View Post

I don't profess to be an expert with any of this but I have some real world success with these DIY heat pumps. Shout out for my friend AC_Hacker that pealed back the curtain on the black art.!!!

To start with the amount of energy required for these BLDC compressors for only 24KBTUs (2T) is a lot 3.8kws 380v at 10A if this is the run value?? There are too many unknowns about these to offer any suggestion for powering them

My DIY 5T shop heat pump is purring along at 1.6Kws and I have it derated with a VFD (scroll compressor is rated 7T) but my numbers seem to be fairly accurate.

I had used huanyang inverters on numerous projects with mixed results. For my larger heat pump I used a 10hp Powerflex VFD. and it works flawlessly. And yes they are a few $$$$ but you get what you pay for!!

Being here in Canada our climate is a little on the harsh side and I depend on this machine for heat. My build cost me around $2k to construct and a water to water Climate master was $7k at the time. It was a huge challenge if you read my thread.

I have seen commercial units (Ebay) very reasonably priced and unless you have the tools and time and other goodies at your disposal, I would not build a unit.


Ok thank you very much. It sounds like the 12kw number must be the LRA not the running amps.
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