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Default Any VFD/motor driver experts in the house?

So i have a handful of BLDC Compressors that are absolutely useless to me because I haven’t figured out an off the shelf way to drive them. I’ve burned up a Teco L510 3hp and a cheap huanyang 12a vfd attempting to do just this.

I have another 12a Chinese VFD that is brand new but the password on it is unknown so I cannot get into it to adjust any settings. Is there any physical jumpers I can use to reset the password? I can’t get ahold of the seller and it seems to be the lowest end model xsy-at1 12a. Completely useless. I’ve spend a lot of cash and time running around in circles and I just want someone to tell me what to do.

It seems that the answer would be a 380v , 10amp BLDC sensor less vector motor driver to drive my largest compressor which is,

24,000 btu
8,92kva (whatever that means)
380v BLDC twin suction twin cylinder DC inverter rotary

does an off the shelf solution even exist for this type of thing?

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