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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
What about an RC/hobby charger with DC input? I have one similar to this that I used when refurbishing my Prius' battery and now it gets used as a fancy charger for lead acid on occasion.
I've got one of those RC chargers (older model) that still works, but my guess is, the DC input to the charger would need to be a volt or two higher than the charge voltage needed for a 12v lead acid.
The 12V SLA that I use for RC is dying, so much that I was unable to recharge some tabbed AA cells with last week. I think it was down around 10v.. (I was replacing the batteries in my razor, and wanted to test them).

If that unregulated 100w 12v port on the gen doesn't get above 13.6 volts, it should be able to charge a 12v lead acid car battery a bit, without over-charging it.
If it was me, I would use that 12v tap to power USB chargers or to charge up some some portable LED /w battery lighting for use outdoors. Might be useful when you need to add fuel to the gen.
It might be a gen you would take "camping", so aux 12v LED lights and USB ports might come in handy.
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