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Originally Posted by NiHaoMike View Post
Just convert a server power supply into a charger, now you'll be able to use a substantial percentage of the generator capacity.
I suppose, aside from the step-up and step down power losses...

I was really only searching for some form of voltage regulation for the unregulated DC output on the generator. Alternators in cars come with voltage regulators to avoid cooking batteries. There's probably still a Bosch 90A brush and voltage regulator (combo unit) in my collection of VW spare parts.

I guess I'll just dig in the garage and see if I have any of the scrap Vector 12V smart battery chargers. We had a fleet of these "smart chargers" at my office, to recharge 12V deep cycle batteries every night. I still have one 20A Smart Charger that works and that would be plenty of charge to whatever battery system I end up with...
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