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Next, the pv solar. Your sunpower panels are rated at 200 watts per square meter, peak output. Going with your 4 hours of sun per day, this gives you an average figure of 33⅓ watts per square meter. Mother nature will step in and reduce your average down towards the 25 value I previously cited. Fwiw, I hope you get 30.

If you're going DC with the solar array to the battery bank, pick or build the best charge controller you can. Same situation as upsizing plumbing to combat back pressure, make it stronger than the source. Something you only want to build or buy once, set it and forget it. Drive it like you stole it on autopilot until the batteries wear out, change batteries, repeat.

If you're using an EV battery pack, use the built-in liquid cooling to help heat your thermal store. Rig up a thermosyphon and consider harvesting heat from the charge controller as well. If it's all indoors, it might not matter. Electrical efficiency vs thermal power generation.
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