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I'm not the guy who will arm wrestle you in the armchair over a keyboard. Go ahead and believe the regional sales executive on salary vs commission, and the program they wrote to keep you from being diligent. Solar City and Tesla will hook you up right quick, all it takes is a second mortgage or a green new energy offset contract (probably tied to the deed as well). No homework, warm fuzzy feelgood, minor inconvenience of recurring monthly payment. Fully prorated manufacturers warranty, certified and insured to WTO standard 666. Somebody's gotta buy that, might as well be not me.

I am the guy who overbuilds, super insulates, and oversmplifies the stuff back to the era where all this stuff was painted brown and beige. In my garage, with my hands, bionic like the six million dollar man, while you wait, watch, or check back in. The scrap kings stop by and we swap stuff, or Facebook or a previous Facebook customer alerts me to something for nothing (or next to nothing). Might not be 27 SEER, definitely not 2700 dollars. Closer to 27 my cost, 100 to a cohort or someone with a trade, sorry can't help you for the beat down beggar with 16 kids.

I'ma spoil the HRV thing for you. The "mystery matrix" is zero dollars. Go behind sam's club, costco, or another super box store shortly after "event weekend", and stuff your van full of commercial grade coroplast. Might wanna ask before you grab the structural shiny frame stuff, though. Build a couple or three plastic sandwiches about a cubic foot each. Run whatcha brung. The fans in broken dehumidifiers all work.
Read this:

Oh yeah, the factor of 10 thing. 10 times smaller, 10 times cheaper, 10 times more likely to work when you plug it in. As always, value is in the eye of the user.

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