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So much in one post to respond to, what next? The HRV.

You need to be using a dehumidifier or refrigerator compressor for the HRV for a single family home or smaller dwelling. The figure is for a 10 to 13 SEER rig. If you plan on going higher efficiency, the CFM per ton (or CFM per horsepower if you're a reefer professional) will actually be higher. The main objective is to let the HRV heat exchanger do all that it can, then finish the air streams off with the heat pump. Tips include:

-MAKE A GOOD DRAIN if it's ever humid where you live.
-If you're repurposing dehumidifiers, only use condenser coils if you reverse direction. Evaporator coils like to pop.
-Craigslist and FB market are a perpetual source (mucho freebie)
- most every dehumidifier has a right sized, two or more speed fan. Plus automatic defrost.
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