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Thank you Randen, 782 Kbtu of usable heat. How did you get to those numbers? Is that per 375 gallon tank or total of them?

I own a 1750 Sq. Ft. house. Lets say we want to heat that space with the 782 Kbtu of usable heat. How do you determine how many hours those storage tanks would put out heat? I suppose things like temperature line loss from the tanks going to the heat exchanger, would be a factor. Area of the heat exchanger another.

I have a 3 ton heat pump at the house. It can produce around 30 Kbtu/h (per hour) at 47* F lets say. Not sure exactly, but just a number. We need to heat the home every hour for 24 hours. That would be 24 (hours) x 30,000 = 720,000. So the tank/s would heat for 24 hours in this scenario?

Trying to wrap my head around this.
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