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Originally Posted by WyrTwister View Post
Something else , if the hubbie , wifey & crumb crunchers are away from the house in the day time , a second off cycle saves more , except on the weekend ( indicating a need for a somewhat / potentially more $$$ time clock that can be programed for a different schedule on the week ends ) .
Actually, building the 7 day programmable WH timer isn't all that expensive. Get a contactor with a 120V coil and 240V load side. Get a plastic project case to contain the contactor. Get the #95205 digital timer from harbor freight to operate the contactor. At this point, you might be in for $30, but you have an 8 On/Off digital timer.

I don't have crumb crunchers, but I am running an idea I found on It uses an old Decora switch sized Intermatic 7 day programmable digital timer I bought from my local Habitat ReStore. I'm only using 3 of the 7 on/off cycles available. I still don't understand why most water heater timer manufacturers still use mechanical timing devices?

The HF digital timer I suggested above is actually more sophisticated than my Intermatic timer. The HF timer will do groups in addition to individual days, groups can be: MTWRFSS, MTWRF, MWF, TR, SS (M=Monday, T=Tuesday, etc). The Intermatic doesn't do groups of MWF, TR. I really need to get another one and gut the mechanical timer out of my sprinkler timer. I'm using that HF timer to cycle the dehumidifier in my garage.
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