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I don't have any way to measure the pressure that I know of. I figure it would take at least a little bit of time to develop pressure in the ductwork, at least more than 3 seconds because that is all it takes before the blower settles to 6.0x amps and stays there, I tested it again and it seems to hang at 6.0x amps or so on the highest speed tap(fan on/air conditioning wiring is connected to this tap). Any easy way to measure the pressure? I don't have one of those water column meters and my tire gauges wouldn't work.

The fridge seems to run just as long and just as often, at least it doesn't seem like its reduced all that much, even when it was 40 degrees in the house for a few weeks, just a little less after I open it since its not dumping as much cold air out. FWIW, the fridge had produces a few gunshot like noises when shutting off a few times when it was at its coldest. I might be able to find a video I took of it when it did it, easily reproduced by unplugging it while it was on. I wouldn't think that it would reduce efficiency by being cold, but maybe it introduced some sort of operating issues. The fluorescent tubes in the kitchen didn't like to strike sometimes, the dishwasher filled with cold dishes had an issue with the 'water heating' function turned off, I found out that once it filled and ran for 5 minutes and I added a dish the water would barely be lukewarm so I turned the function back on to avoid getting sick by having the dishes washed in cold water. The rest of the fluorescent lights had their issues too. Ever see a CFL glow purple for a minute, stay dim for the next 2 minutes, and finally be fully bright after 3-4 mins? 40 degrees does that sort of thing. Alkaline batteries in my digital camera don't work at 40 degrees either, I figured it had to be colder but take 3 pictures with brand new batteries and the camera thinks they are dead already until I heat them up in either a glass of hot water or in my pocket.
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